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The Pretend Life on the D-List

Don’t get me wrong, folks, I am a huge Kathy Griffin fan. I think she’s hilarious, I’ve seen her live a few times, and as much as I hate to admit it, I look a little like her when she’s not wearing make-up, her hairline is just a smidge lower than mine. Like I said, I love her. I’ve just had enough of her fake reality show.

The release of her book “Official Book Club Selection” and her recent talk show crush to promote it have a lot to do with this. She’s so damn interesting and has such an interesting life I have to wonder why she has to make stuff up for her reality show. Why must it be so staged and so avoiding of her real life?

Kathy has such depth and intelligence and experience, anyone would think she would be perfect for a reality show – and yet, look at what we’ve got. Why couldn’t we see her personal life on the show? Her embezzling husband? Her pedophile brother? Her plastic surgery disasters. This is the stuff reality TV is made of – not scripted make-believe.

Go see her live, enjoy and marvel at her talk show appearances, and yes, go read her book – but just forget about “My Life on the D-List.” At least until her real life begins to seep into it.

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