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Nexus Animated

For decades there had been talk of an animated version of Nexus, the amazing science fiction superhero created by Mike Baron and Steve Rude. There was apparently some footage shot that was draped in rumor for years. Now (and for a couple years actually) these infamous few minutes are available in DVD form from Steve Rude Art.

It’s short, mind-bogglingly short, possibly the shortest DVD I own or have ever seen, and yet it is sooo worth it. Padded with additional footage about the creation of the Nexus comic, the animation is stylized with Alex Toth Space Ghost flair and even incorporates sound effects from the cartoon. Honestly, knowing the connection between the characters, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love this.

And you will too, long time fan of Nexus or not, this is hot. I’m ashamed it took me so long to get this. Maybe if enough copies sell, someone will take a hint and make the series. I think I’d rather see Nexus on TV than just about anything else out there. Order your copy here.

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Steve Rude Interview

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