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My American Idol

With all the talk this season at “American Idol” of being more serious and whittling down the more popular freakshow element of the audition phase of the series, it appears that the star so far (at least in my eyes) turns out to be Nick Mitchell AKA Norman Gentle.

If you want to rude about it, you might call Nick this season’s William Hung, but that’s not right at all. The difference is that Nick is legitimately talented, multifaceted talented. His over-theatrical alter-ego Norman Gentle is hysterical and brought the house down last night, as well as spotlighting an amazing singing voice as well. The judges may not have been pleased, but the audience loved him.

Now if America loved him as much as I do, and the Kodak Theater audience did, this just might be the most entertaining “American Idol” season yet.