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But Doesn’t Everyone Know They’re Belgian?


Mat Langford’s Gaming World

Sometimes other people do it better, and in this case, Mat Langford does it best. Today’s entry on The Non-Gamer’s Gamer’s Blog is all about a real gamer who knows exactly what he’s talking about. Mat Langford is one of my co-contributors over at Biff Bam Pop! and he does a column called Mat Langford’s Gaming World.

For our special Origins themed month, he did “A Brief History of Main-Stream Gaming Consoles,” great article. The Non-Gamer sits and learns. To check out all of his articles, check him out here, and if you’re wondering what I do over there, I’m here.

Biff Bam Pop! – One stop shopping for your pop culture, check them out. And more of the regular non-gaming nonsense from yours truly next time.

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