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Gamer Lingo

Okay, I’ve been doing this for a while now, and I’m actually starting to get my groove down with all this gaming stuff. I have even learned some of the lingo of the genre. I have even created a term or two of my own. These aren’t anything new, but they were new to me. Here are a few examples.

PVP – this one is easy, even though I wouldn’t have known what it was a few months ago. It means ‘player vs. player,’ like in a fight game like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. You get to play against your friend without that annoying turn wait thing.

Newb – this is sooo me, someone who doesn’t know anything about videogames, or a particular videogame.

Leet – pretty much, this is the opposite of a newb. This is someone who is very good at a videogame or videogames.

Pwn – this is what leets typically do to newbs. If you get your ass handed to you in a videogame, you have been ‘pwned.’ It comes from the common typo of hitting the P instead of the O because they are so close on the keyboard.

Kill Move – the stupid or clever victory dance of sorts a character does when they have beaten their opponent. It can range anywhere from jumping up and down to teabagging the opponent. Whatever makes one happy, I suppose.

RTFM – this is one that has been directed at me from several people, and even friends, since starting this blog. It’s an acronym that stands for “Read The F*cking Manual.” Yeah, it’s a semi-nice way of telling me that I’m an idiot. I maintain the manuals are too long, too confusing, and assume you have years of experience playing these games.

Turn Wait – this is when you are stupid enough to let someone much better than you play a game first, before your turn. There’s also Turn Wait Bastard, which would be the person who’s better than you. They also don’t have to go first. You could have your turn, then they go, then you go to bed.

The Glenn Method – this is a controller technique, named after me, that means frantically hitting all the buttons, triggers and joysticks on the controllers until something happens – hopefully something good. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m sticking with it.

Got any other words you’d like to teach the Non-Gamer? Let me know. I am always ready to learn, unless it means I have to read one of those instruction manuals…