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This show tries so hard to be “Quantum Leap” it’s just a shame. There’s no Al or Ziggy in “Journeyman” and furthermore, lead actor Kevin McKidd (rumored to be the new movie Thor) is no Scott Bakula, but it does try, it tries so hard. Thematically it is very similar to “Quantum” in that our hero travels back in time to help people, but without Al or any reasonable logic to this, this show may well be as doomed as last season’s closely themed “Traveler.”

There are brilliant moments hoever, and lots of pop culture references that will make you smile like you’re watching a ten-second version of VH-1’s “We Love the 80s/90s,” but I’m afraid the confusion of the plot may mask any good points this show might have. There is a lot we’re not told and have to guess. You might have to watch this twice to make it stick, but it might just be worth it. “Journeyman” premieres Monday, September 24th.