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Quarantine ~ This is the 2008 American remake of [REC] that I reviewed a few months back. It begins relatively the same as the original and stars Jennifer Carpenter, better known as Dexter’s little sister. Most notable is how young, spunky and much more likable she is in this role as a reality TV reporter spending the night on call with firefighters.

The story is the same and even the sets look the same. And it’s ‘super-rabies’ instead of zombies, but hey, an undead rose by any other name, ya know? Also the idea of it being filmed as it happens is lessened by a more subtle technique. That’s good, giving this a more film-like quality rather than the distracting handy-cam method. It’s still there, just less so.

The real saving grace of this version is that Carpenter is sympathetic to the viewer, while in the original, there was a point where I wanted the zombies to hurry up and kill Manuela Velasco already. I think writer/director brothers Drew and John Erick Dowdle made all the right decisions for this remake. Keep an eye out for their M. Night produced Devil come 2011. Quarantine is worth a look, especially if you’ve seen [REC].

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[REC] ~ Take Cloverfield and mix liberally with the original Night of the Living Dead and some good old fashioned reality TV formatting and you’ll have a good idea of what [REC] is all about.

A go-getting spunky reality hostess and her cameraman cover the night shift of a firehouse when a rescue call goes horribly wrong – and they find themselves quarantined in an apartment building with a zombie problem.

It’s worth noting that an American remake of [REC], called Quarantine only did so-so at the box office – however, the original has spawned a sequel due in Spain this October, and probably shortly thereafter for US DVD.

Fans of the genre will find this predictable but that doesn’t tame or invalidate any of the legitimate and terrifying scares in this Spanish horror flick. The night vision ending of this one had me sleeping with the lights on afterward.

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