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24: The Real Redemption

In its first season, even its second and third, “24” was my favorite television series. Its concept of real time action as well as its edgy and ever-intense plots and subplots made it something special in the beginning. Then it got old, and then it got copied, and then it just got boring – a parody almost of itself.

I really wasn’t sure I was going to watch the current seventh season at all, and based on the mini-movie “24: The Redemption” that aired recently and repeated last week, I was pretty sure I was done with Jack Bauer and company. It was unwatchable, even with Robert Carlyle guest-starring and he’s one of my faves. For me, “24” was over.

On a whim, just in case, I dvr-ed the first two new episodes of “24” earlier this week. Then I started to hear good things, surprising things about it, and from folks whose opinions I usually trust. I figured I’d better check it out. Wow. Guess what, baby, “24” is back!