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Women 2 Women Concert

Please join us on Saturday November 10th @ 7PM at the Indian Chief Tavern (Route 70, Medford, NJ) for a evening to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness.

W2W is a grassroots advocacy movement to promote female artists by giving them a venue to showcase their talents. W2W (Women to Women) is a Concert Event series with a dual purpose. Each W2W Event not only will promote our local female Artists it will also promote a Woman’s Charity. 

Our 1st Event November 10th @ The Indian Chief, Rt70 Medford, NJ will be held to raise Breast Cancer Awareness along with proceeds benefiting Breast Cancer research for the American Cancer Society. More information about the American Cancer Society can be found on their website ACS will be providing valuable information regarding Breast Cancer so be sure to check out all the pamphlets, booklets and literature at the event tables.

This event could not be successful without the support of our Rock n Roll community. There will be a $10 admission at the door/Door Sales only no advance tickets. Patrons will be admitted on a first come first serve basis, so arrive Promptly when doors open @ 7pm.

We have a wonderful group of generous and talented musicians who will be participating to make this event a success, but we need your help!! We will be holding Gift Basket Raffles and a 50/50 (Cash only) and each attendee will be eligible to win one of our great Door Prizes !!

Performers on November 10th include: Robin Parry, Kathi Cooley, Britt Zammer, Keli Vale, Janet Bufano, Jennifer Walker, Susan Lake, Tina Brand, Sandy Hall, Chris Hartline, Kate Bradshaw, and Rachel Evans.

Hope to see you there!!! – with Jeanne Mannix Evans.

Lost Hits of the New Wave #16

“Love Is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar

Another example of an established rock act getting on the new wave bandwagon, this example may well have had good intentions but went above and beyond them. While the previous studio album by Pat Benatar, Get Nervous was far more new wavey than this song, it didn’t do as well as it was intended to do, and the singles released did not sample that flavor.

“Love Is a Battlefield” was the first single from Benatar’s live greatest hits collection, Live from Earth. Written by Holly Knight and Mike Chapman, the drum and synth heavy tune was accompanied by a music video that featured Benatar as a runaway/taxi dancer who leads a rebellion against her pimp and walks off into the sunset victorious. The fashion, the dancing, and the story got the video honored with multiple awards, and earned Benatar her biggest US hit.

Lost Hits of the New Wave #7

“Stop This Game” by Cheap Trick

The above video is from an old Italian music TV show. The song, from the 1980 album All Shook Up. Like with Alice Cooper and “Clones (We’re All),” this represented a marked change in the traditional Cheap Trick sound, aping the now more popular New Wave sound.

The song and the album were enough to put off the fans who had made Cheap Trick rock gods with their Live at Budokan album. Personnel changes kept the band from putting out a complete album for too long, and the Budokan heat had cooled. The fans were divided, rockers thought they were pop, and poppers thought they were rock, and in the end, they were screwed.

That wasn’t all that led to Cheap Trick’s downfall. Some say it was the Beatles curse, after Budokan they were dubbed the new Beatles, especially in Japan. That usually kills a band. It didn’t help that Cheap Trick themselves were huge Beatles fans, doing various covers like “Daytripper,” “Magical Mystery Tour” and even a mash-up with John Lennon of his “I’m Losing You.”

And then there were the plagiarism claims. Listen to their early 1980s pop ballad “The Flame” next to Spirit’s “Nature’s Way” if you don’t believe me. Even the above tune, “Stop This Game,” borrows a few rifts from KISS’ foray into disco and new wave, “I Was Born for Lovin’ You.”

Now, I don’t mean to bag on Cheap Trick. I still have a place in my heart for them. This song, as well as “Reach Out” from the Heavy Metal soundtrack, and “On Top of the World” from the classic 1978 album Heaven Tonight are among my favorite guilty pleasures.

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RIP Clarence Clemons

Being a native born resident of New Jersey, I have had Bruce Springsteen shoved down my throat since the early to mid 1970s, whether I like it or not. I do like Bruce, mostly early Bruce and recent folksy Bruce, but the rest of it is painful to hear as I heard it all a million times per song on Philadelphia radio for decades. But however one might feel about The Boss, everybody loves Clarence Clemons.

The Big Man played sax for Bruce in the E Street Band forever, and when I say forever, I mean it as a compliment. Possibly one of the greatest rock and rock blues saxophone players ever, the man is legend, his smile infectious, and his talent unparalleled. He performed for decades, appeared in film, television and on dozens and dozens of records – and most recently in the video for “The Edge of Glory” by Lady GaGa. Sadly, after a massive stroke last week, Clarence Clemons finally passed away today at the age of 69. He will be missed.

When most folks think of Clemons solo, they think of the Jackson Browne duet, “You’re a Friend of Mine,” but I go back earlier than that by almost two years, to one of my favorite unsung rock and roll albums – “Rescue” by Clarence Clemons and the Red Bank Rockers. I have it on cassette tape and am still waiting for this baby to come out on CD. Good old fashioned rock and roll, and one song that spoke to me directly about the way I passionately listened to the radio in my younger days – “Rock ‘N’ Roll DJ.” There’s not a bad track on the album. I’m gonna miss you, Big Man.

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The Paradox

Ike Turner died this week. Rather than reprint the usual obit as I have done with numerous others I’m just going to babble a bit, as this one fascinates me.

Every report and obit I have read and heard so far about Ike Turner has had the same attitude. It’s almost like we’re both glad and sad he’s dead. Yes, he’s one of the pioneers of rock and roll and rhythm and blues, but he’s also a monster that brutalized his wife. The fact that said wife eventually became a much beloved superstar on her own doesn’t help that.

These reports me of something I heard once about Hitler, that he was a talented painter who was quite fond of dogs. Now, trust me, I’m not comparing Ike Turner to Adolf Hitler, but that’s what some of the news reporting Turner’s death have sounded like. He was great BUT, he was a monster BUT – that kind of stuff.

One might say he created Tina Turner, but he took her as far as he could and others including herself, made her what she is today. He may have jumpstarted the car, but she won the race. Either way, we’ve lost someone who won’t be missed.