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Grand Theft Auto IV

It’s that time again.

Yesterday RockStar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto IV” was released, and is estimated to make almost six million dollars by the end of this week – far more than any theatrical film in history. Above is IGN’s top-rated review of the game as well as several minutes of scenes.

But as I said, it’s that time again. It’s time for the typical media sandblast by ‘journalists’ who will do no research, be purposefully judgmental, and show how truly unprofessional they are. It’s also time for dozens of parents groups to protest and whine and bitch even though they haven’t played a videogame since “Space Invaders” and will never ever even take a look at the “GTA IV” game.

These same people can’t seem to understand that the game is not for kids, was not designed for kids and was never intended for kids. The game is rated, per the law, M for Mature – that means ‘not for kids’ for all the brain-dead folks out there.

Just because you don’t like it, or can’t understand it, doesn’t mean other folks can’t have fun and enjoy it. Go back to your Atari 2600 and play “Pong,” hopefully it won’t offend too much.

Get a clue, people.