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The All Things Fun! Vidcast FCBD Edition 2013

Superman came back from the dead, Captain America came back from the dead, Wolverine will come back from the dead once he dies, as rumored, later this year… and now, The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast is back!

The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast features co-hosts Ed Evans, Allison Eckel, and Glenn Walker, as they discuss the comic book related topics in every episode! You can see the show here or on All Things Fun!’s YouTube Channel.

It’s that time of year again, Free Comic Book Day, always the first Saturday in May, when comic shops the world over offer a plethora of comics for free, all introductory issues designed for readers old and new to get a glimpse into what the hobby is about and what it has to offer. At All Things Fun!, as always, there are events and sales galore, so come on out, get your free comics, and get in on the fun!

Discussion featured in this Free Comic Book Day Preview Episode includes: Cagematch draft, Free Comic Book Day 2013, Marvel’s Infinity, cartoons for kids of all ages, Plop!, Catfishtress, Spoon!, real authors, NFL Superpro, Ryan Reynolds’ bulge, Valiant, Grimm, ‘for kids,’ The Walking Dead, Captain Midnight!, Superman, Allison’s kids comics, steampunk in Oz, Absolution, Graphic India, Buck Rogers! and Damsels for the guys.

Be sure to check out the All Things Fun! website, and the newly revamped All Things Fun! Blogs, written by Allison and Glenn, featuring The Vidcast Drinking Game so you can play along at home, and watch ATF! on YouTube (don’t forget to subscribe to the channel while you’re there, and leave a comment or two on the Vidcast as well!).

The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast is shot live at All Things Fun! – the South Jersey/Philadelphia area’s best comics, toys and gaming store, located on Route 73 in West Berlin, NJ. Come on down, check out the store, and say hi to Ed and Dina!

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And hope to see you all on Saturday, May 4th, Free Comic Book Day!

Safe House

Safe House ~ There is usually something phenomenal about a Denzel Washington movie. And I mean besides the always excellent acting. There’s an unexpected twist, a shock ending, dazzling special effects, or top notch writing and/or direction. Safe House doesn’t really deliver, on that level at least. Here I felt like I was watching a mediocre Denzel movie with an adequate Ryan Reynolds performance. Or is that a mediocre Ryan Reynolds movie with an adequate Denzel performance?

One thing is for sure, once this one gets rolling, this one never stops. The ride is full force power drive action thriller, and I repeat, it never stops until it slows at the very end. Denzel plays CIA traitor Tobin Frost who surrenders himself to a safe house in South Africa to protect himself from his enemies. Reynolds is his keeper, and when the safe house is attacked, not only are they on the run, but also trying to figure out who set them up. It’s an uneasy buddy flick with buddies who can’t trust each other – a nice twist.

Safe House has wonderful cinematography and no nonsense chase scenes, fistfights, and gunfights. If you plan on seeing it, do your bathroom duties first, and get ready to hold your breath, this is a jet propelled bulldozer on rollercoaster rails.

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Green Lantern

Green Lantern ~ My earliest memory of the superhero Green Lantern is from the Justice League of America comics, and he was awesome. Hal Jordan was a space hero who had a Power Ring that could do just about anything – shoot an energy beam, make a force field, allowed him to fly, and he could make stuff with it, just about anything he could imagine. Like I said, awesome.

This will date me, but Green Lantern also seemed inextricably linked to Green Arrow and Black Canary and they were always doing something political or with social relevance (a big word back then) and other stuff I wasn’t old enough to understand. Also I knew he was buddies with the Flash, they were a team like Superman and Batman, maybe not as old as them, but they were friends and teammates. Such good friends, that when GL’s comic got canceled, Flash let him appear in the back of his comic – now that’s friendship!

Green Lantern has been through some changes since then. He’s been replaced, replaced again, turned evil, killed, brought back to life, and turned into a moneymaker by genius comic writer Geoff Johns. With that last turn of events, we all knew it wouldn’t be long before Green Lantern hit the big screen. The wait is over.

Being a comics geek, I usually look forward to most films based on comics, Green Lantern was no different. If you ask The Bride, she’ll tell you I’ve keeping a mental countdown clock. Advance reviews were not good however, and as I waited until Saturday to see the flick, I can tell you I was a little bit worried. Now, having seen it, I have to wonder what film the critics saw.

This isn’t Iron Man and nor is it the first two Superman films – it is so not the perfect superhero movie, but it is great. Personally I think Pat Travers of Rolling Stone must have lost a bet on this flick the way he ravaged it – it’s really not that bad. As a matter of fact, I thought it was pretty good.

The story is pretty simple, close to the comics with a few differences. Hal Jordan is a reckless test pilot who finds a dying alien whose Power Ring has chosen him as the new Green Lantern. He trains on Oa with other Lanterns and eventually faces off against the villain Hector Hammond and the evil alien entity Parallax. There are spoilers coming, so some folks might want to skip to the end.

Ryan Reynolds is good as the clunky Hal Jordan but even better as the hero Green Lantern. This is a facet of the reason I like origin stories in movies. I don’t want to see the young, reckless untrained hero – I want to see the complete good guy fight for right hero, and in this case, I am validated. Reynolds is so much better at the latter. Blake Lively is just pretty, and other than that, not believable. I wanted more of Taika Waititi as Tom Kalmaku. And Angela Bassett – wow, who would have ever thunk that Amanda Waller would have shown up in a Green Lantern movie?

Peter Sarsgaard is properly creepy as Hammond. But, while he is good, it’s the make-up and the CGI that goes too far with the character. Does Hector Hammond need to be a drooling monstrous maniac? He’s just got a big head in the comics. Really, for me, that would have been disturbing enough. Parallax, is all CGI, and basically a Galactus cloud with the Wizard of Oz’ face crossed with the Akira monster. This is not pretty. Again, a reference to the comics – Parallax’s real form, that of a giant insect is also pretty monstrous and scary, and of course accurate. The Guardians too could have been less scary. Details like this might put some folks off this flick, and sequels if it goes to franchise.

The voice acting of the CGI characters is dead on. Mark Strong is fantastic as Sinestro, playing him with just the right amount of contempt and menace. I loved Geoffrey Rush as Tomar-Re (one of my fave Green Lanterns) and Michael Clarke Duncan is a perfect Kilowog. I didn’t think I would say that after I loved Henry Rollins in the role in the animated Emerald Knights, but it’s true.

There are as many plot holes in this flick however, as there are Easter eggs for comics fans. Unfortunately the former seems to overshadow the latter. The plot jumps rather quickly from the main story with Hal to the subplots with Hammond and Parallax, which is fine, but too much time is spent on minor details that could have been deleted for meatier bits with other characters. Did we really need the flashbacks of Hal’s father in a bad homage to the opening of Speed Racer? Did we need to know all of Hal’s family? I would have rather had more interaction with Carol, Tom, Sinestro and the other Lanterns quite frankly.

I would have rather had more of a fight against both Hammond and Parallax, their defeats seemed too easy to me, and the fact that Hal doesn’t even really defeat Hammond is very bothersome. Come on, he’s supposed to be the hero here, ya know? But I suppose these are things that happen when a film has so many writers credited. The 3-D, while in the previews it made me want to see it in 3-D, was unnecessary. Save your money.

All in all, I had fun, and with a movie that cost upwards of thirty bucks all inclusive, that’s what counts. I came out of the film excited and hoping for a sequel. Not a great film, but a great superhero adventure, visually stunning. And for the folks who liked Thor and Wolverine for certain reasons – Ryan Reynolds is shirtless quite a bit. Recommended.

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Green Lantern

Green Lantern opens June 17, 2011. Oh, baby!

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Quickies 1-5-2010

The Proposal ~ Sweet and cute, but predictable romantic comedy about two folks who hate each other and upon being forced to spend time with each other fall in love. It’s fun though. I like both Ryan Reynolds and especially Sandra Bullock a lot so that might have a lot to do with it. Malin Ackerman, Silk Spectre from Watchmen, has a small role and is quite good, but is ultimately wasted. She can do better. I liked this, it was fun and harmless, just like a date movie should be.

Super Capers ~ Wanna see a movie about superheroes by folks who not only have no respect for the genre but also don’t know anything about it either? This one’s for you. Not only was I insulted, but it wasn’t funny either, not even for eight year olds. And Adam West should be ashamed of himself.

The Tale of Despereaux ~ I’ve tried multiple times to watch this one and each time it puts me to sleep. I think that says all I need to say about this one.

30,000 Leagues Under the Sea ~ What sounds like it might be fun, an updating of Captain Nemo, is just painful to watch. Lorenzo Llamas sleepwalks through this miserable pit of non-acting and bad writing as if it’s a prison sentence. And it is, just not for him, for us. This is truly one of the worst movies I have ever seen, but great if you’re looking for something to bore you to sleep.

Shorts ~ Writer/director Robert Rodriguez gives us this tale of a wishing rock, an evil corporation and neighborhood kids that never ceases to amuse. I really enjoyed this multi-layered story told in the time-tumbled fashion of Pulp Fiction with all the fun of Spy Kids. My only complaint – I saw it on DVD and found the lack of a “Ten Minute Film School” segment disappointing. Otherwise, this is highly recommended for kids of all ages.

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Green Lantern: First Flight

Green Lantern: First Flight ~ How about a bit more Hal Jordan in my Hal Jordan movie please? This is a great Sinestro movie or even a Green Lantern Corps movie – but barely a Hal Jordan one.

This is the first Green Lantern animated feature, so I can understand the creators wanting to throw every element of the characters short of the kitchen sink into the mix – but really, this is not the first time the character’s been animated. We’ve seen various versions of GL throughout most of DC Comics’ animation history, so with his first feature he should have some room for development. If you’re going to give Hal Jordan Green Lantern seventy-five minutes – give him room to grow, to play, hell, how about some space of his own at least?

On the surface this is Hal Jordan’s origin as Green Lantern. An alien crashlands on Earth, giving Jordan a magical ring, whereupon he is taken to the Guardians of the Universe for training and eventually faces off against his evil counterpart Sinestro. It’s a story most comics fans know, and it’s presented well for newcomers – except those newcomers might not realize that Hal is supposed to be the protagonist.

Hal Jordan is there throughout most of the direct-to-DVD feature but soon the real story, that of the renegade Sinestro and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps, takes center stage, leaving poor Hal to almost a supporting role. The subtitle is “First Flight,” but I have to wonder whose.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, I just wanted more of the title hero rather than the villain or the supporting cast. I could be really fanboy nitpicky and complain about the insectoid Kanjar Ro and his lack of connection to the GL Corps or about how the true appearance and origin of the Weaponers are changed and glossed over – but I won’t. I guess I would have liked a more Earthbound Green Lantern rather than space epic and a million characters all at once. Maybe next time, or maybe when Ryan Reynolds plays Hal on the big screen he’ll have more to do.

On the bright side, the weirdly anime animation is amazing and lends itself well to space adventure. I would definitely recommend this as worth watching for comics folks, but maybe not worth purchasing, except maybe for the hardcore GL fans.

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Ryan Reynolds Is Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds has been cast as Hal Jordan, the title character in Martin Campbell’s newest film project, Green Lantern. Reynolds, no stranger to comic book based films after this year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine where he got to play one of his favorite characters, Deadpool, has been a fan favorite for the role of GL since the film was announced.