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No Sequel Needed

S. Darko ~ Foregoing the whole how-dare-you-make-a-sequel mess surrounding this film, I need to stress how boring this was at the start. I literally started to doze off before the Whale song during the party woke me up. And my first reaction was – is this a different movie? Nope, it got boring again real quick.

Probably the most offensive thing about this movie is that it seeks to answer questions from the first film that really didn’t need to be answered. Some things should remain vague and mysterious.

In my opinion, S. Darko, subtitled unfortunately ‘a Donnie Darko story,’ suffers from Shock Treatment-it is. It’s one thing to make a film and have it achieve cult status, but it’s something else entirely to set out to make a cult film. It just doesn’t work like that. You cannot create cult status, it just happens. And I guarantee it’s not going to happen with S. Darko. And no amount of teen angst or Johnny Depp look-alikes can make it happen. Even Frank can’t save this one.