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Satan and Marie

Satan’s Playground ~ Family gets lost in the Pine Barrens and are menaced by a deranged family and a winged demon. Again, a Jersey Devil movie, but also again, not a very good one. Will anyone ever make a decent JD flick? At least for the most part, writer director Dante Tomaselli gets the legend relatively right. Ellen Sandweiss, who hasn’t worked as an actress since Evil Dead (which this actually resembles at times), is really quite good in this. Nothing new, same old same old, but worth a peek for South Jersey folks.

Marie Antoinette ~ The 2006 version of the story only proves one thing, that Sofia Coppola is either a genius or an idiot. I only wish I had could inherit a director’s name, get some beautiful costumes, and make a borrring movie with one or two new wave music videos in the middle – and get the kind of publicity and acclaim that Sofia does. This film is only slightly better than Lost in Translation or being smothered by a pillow, at least it’s pretty. In the meantime I’m seriously going to see about changing my name to Scorsese.

Satanik ~ Here’s a lesson for you. I love comics. But just because a movie is based on a comic doesn’t mean that it will be any good, or even the of the slightest bit of interest. Satanik fails on many fronts – as a comic, an adventure, a horror and especially as a film. Stay away.