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Zatanna in Smallville

The title says Zatanna in Smallville, but really now, when was the last time anything in the “Smallville” TV series actually happened in Smallville? Just get it over with and rename the series “Metropolis.” Or better yet, “Superman.” This whole Superman without actually having Superman is wearing on me, but I digress.

This week’s episode “Hex” featured the live-action debut of a fan favorite character from the comics, Zatanna Zatara. And we got the classic version, complete with top hat and fishnets. Filling those fishnets more than adequately is the sexy Serinda Swan, whose rumors indicate will also be starring in the much-anticipated Tron 2.0.

As much as can be expected in the ersatz version of the DCU presented in “Smallville,” Zatanna is presented rather close to the original. There is a father quest involved, she actually does speak her spells backward and daddy is even mentioned by name as the world’s greatest magician – proof positive of a Golden Age in this continuity. Other Easter eggs in “Hex” include cameos of the Justice League, as well as the regularly scheduled soap opera stuff.

And when are they going to give Justin Hartley his own Green Arrow spin-off? He’s the best part of this show as long as Clark’s not putting on a costume…