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Don’t Be a Dick

I have a very abrasive personality, some folks might just push the politeness to the side and get right to the point and say I’m an asshole. I’m not insulted, I know how I am, even though abrasive is more friendly. That said, I know when to keep it in check for the most part. For instance, if I was on a reality television program, I would be on my best behavior.

And then we come to tonight’s episode of ABC’s “Wife Swap” entitled “Long/Stephens-Fowler.” The Comcast program grid describes the episode as follows: A mother from a mid-western family who loves paint ball and fast food trades places with a mother from a family in California who focuses on health and education.”

Now the show is set up so the families directly contrast and specifically conflict. It’s part of what makes the show fun to watch. Or why else pit a health Nazi against a family who eats junk food after all, right? My problem is with the Californian husband Stephen who is a naturalized American citizen born in Great Britain. He continually berates the swapped wife. He insults her, he verbally abuses her, he makes her cry. All manner of belittlement is hurled her way by this man. If the woman’s husband beat this man down, I doubt he would be convicted for defending his wife’s honor. What is wrong with this guy?

This guy is more than an abrasive asshole, he’s a dick, plain and simple. At one point during the show he even demands that the show is over unless he gets what he wants. The producers talk the big baby back into doing the show, but the hostility continues.

I should note that he does all this in front of his kids. He insults and calls this lady horrible names in front of his kids. Isn’t that abuse? Where’s child services? I mean, this man was an absolute monster. But then again, there might be some scrap of goodness there. After all, you know what they say, even Hitler was fond of dogs.

Just goes to show you, if you go on reality television – don’t be a dick.