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Pop Culture Poser

Brad Benson, of Brad Benson Hyundai. This guy bugs me. His commercials appear far too frequently on News Jersey 101.5 FM. He does his own commercials, making pop culture references left and right, and trying to be funny, and one would hope (for his sake at least), selling cars.

The thing that bugs me, other than the frequency of the commercials, and his implied agreement with some of the station’s gay-unfriendly hosts (his ad about the pilots who missed their landing is horrendous and irresponsible, and don’t get me started on Dennis and Michele), is that he often gets his pop culture references wrong.

Now it’s one thing for KYW to pronounce Janeanne Garofolo’s name as “Jane-anne Garroh-folloh” or CNN to have commentators at the Michael Jackson memorial who don’t know who Berry Gordy is, but this falls into a whole ‘nother category.

On the surface, Brad Benson saying Susan Boyle was on the British “American Idol” instead of “Britain’s Got Talent,” for instance, may seem petty, but look at it this way… Have you ever bought a car? Remember the scary and unreasonable amount of detailed paperwork involved in buying a car? Yeah, that’s a lot of stuff, and a lot of stuff to make sure is absolutely right, T’s crossed and I’s dotted.

Do you want a guy who won’t even do a moment’s research on a commercial he’s paying for to handle details on a car you’re paying for? I don’t. I want someone very detail-oriented, someone who won’t make mistakes and just laugh it off. I guess I’m not buying a Hyundai from Brad Benson.

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Jon and Kate… Again, Now Go Away

High on my list of folks I’d like to see go away are Jon and Kate Gosselin. Up until their marriage troubles, “Jon & Kate Plus 8” was just another one of many mildly entertaining reality shows that populated the higher end of the cable dial. When the crap hit the fan and the media machine started to fill the public in on what the two were really up to when the cameras were off, suddenly they became interesting, and their show –which for the most part ignored these allegations- instantly became The Learning Channel’s number one show.

By the time they started to own up to the fact that there were problems – and yesterday’s announcement of their impending divorce as well as last night’s episode detailing their separation – no one really cared anymore. I know I don’t. Let’s face it. The novelty is gone. Much like Susan Boyle, it’s time for them to go now.

To be honest, I’m surprised Jon has lasted as long as he has. Kate is more than a handful – and I am being sooo nice when I say that. However if the producers are smart, and want the high ratings to continue I think they should immediately take a new tact in the direction of the series. Make it about each of them out in the dating world. Heck, if watching them with each other wasn’t hilarious enough, imagine them interacting with real people…