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Susan Tepper Interview

Author Susan Tepper grew up on Long Island, where many of the stories in her short story collection DEER take place. Prior to settling down and studying writing, Tepper worked as an actor, singer, flight attendant, marketing manager, television producer, tour guide, interior decorator and rescue worker.

Tepper has received five Pushcart Prize Nominations for fiction and poetry. Her work has been widely published in the US and abroad. In 2006, her poetry collection Blue Edge was released by Cervena Barva Press. Tepper curates the reading series FIZZ at KGB Bar in NYC, and she is Assistant Editor of the Istanbul Literary Review (an online journal based in Turkey).

In each of the linked stories in your new collection, a deer of some sort appears. Was this intentional?

Actually, the stories were written over a period of about ten years, and I didn’t realize the deer kept coming into so many of my stories. A publisher had taken a few for his magazine, and he pointed out the fact of the deer. I do use a lot of animals in my work, but the deer seemed to be most prominent. So I dug up all my stories that contained deer, and Steve Glines, the publisher of Wilderness House Press, suggested we put them into book form.

You write a lot of poetry, too, does this affect your fiction writing?

I think it does tremendously. Poetry comes from an emotional place inside your body, whereas fiction tends to be somewhat more grounded. I believe writing poetry has allowed my fiction to really open up and take off in unexpected ways.

Besides being a writer, your bio states that you have worked as an actress, singer, flight attendant, rescue worker, television producer, amongst other things. Has all this varied work experience made an impact on your writing?

Oh, yes. I draw on my past all the time, though not consciously. I never plot out my stories or novels, but just let the lines flow one into the next. I think if you allow yourself to take in a lot of life, many new experiences, it can’t help but enhance your writing. I believe the writer has to be out there in the world, not locked in a room or in the mind. You write as much as you can, then you go out there and live life.

Do you see yourself doing anything else in the future, career-wise?

Nope. This is it for me. I’m addicted to writing. I couldn’t live without it.

Please visit Susan’s website here, her new blog here, and see her upcoming tour dates here.

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Author Susan Tepper on Tour

Author, poet and essayist Susan Tepper is touring to promote her new short story collection “Deer & Other Stories” from Wilderness House Press, where all of the tales within are tied together by the enigmatic appearance of a deer.

She’ll be appearing on September 21st at the Grub Street Fiction Workshop in Boston, MA at Grub Street, 160 Boyston Street, at 7 PM.

On September 22nd, Susan will Doug Holder‘s live guest on “Poet to Poet” at 5 PM on Somerville Community Access Television, in Somerville, MA.

October 6th, at Watchung Booksellers, Watchung Plaza, Montclair, NJ at 7:30 PM.

October 9th, at the KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street in New York City at 7 PM.

Then Susan comes down to Philadelphia on October 14th to Borders Books at 1 South Broad Street, at 12:30 PM.

Later that day at 7 PM, author Fran Metzman joins Susan for a Publishing Workshop at famous Robin’s Bookstore, 110A South 13th Street, also in Philly.

Check out Susan Tepper’s website here, and buy “Deer & Other Stories” at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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