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The Brave One

The Brave One ~ Revenge is always a vital plot for movies and in other media as well. From Batman to The Crow to Death Wish (all have elements borrowed for this flick), it grabs your attention and hints at the monster inside of all of us.

Jodie Foster grabs it here with a vicious, if preachy, intensity. After she is brutally beaten and her fiancée murdered, radio talk show host Erica Bain (Foster) goes vigilante – part Batman and part Bernie Getz she stalks the streets looking for payback. Terrence Howard, Rhodey from the first Iron Man movie, is very good as her love interest/detective friend.

The dialogue gets a bit silly in the quiet times but all in all a good flick – up until the last five minutes. And I’m surprised that Foster even let this happen. I really dislike movies where two hours are spent building a strong female protagonist only to have her saved at the last moment by the male lead. After all she’s just a woman. Sheesh! Where are we, in the 1950s?