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Boo Who

For real this time, not a Sun rumour, David Tennant is leaving his role as The Doctor.

Tennant, the second Doctor of BBC’s new “Doctor Who” series, brought the intensity and reality for folks new to the TARDIS while bringing the quirky fun and eccentricity that made the original version so cool for classic fans.

We’ll still have him in the role for four movie-length specials throughout the year as well as in the annual Christmas special at the close of 2009, titled “The Next Doctor.” Three guesses what that one will be about, and the first two don’t count.

We’ll miss you, David.

Boo Who

The new “Doctor Who” series will be bailing after next year, supposedly going out on top.

What is the real thinking behind this? Overworked? Stressed? Incapable of handing a pet project over to others so that no one can enjoy it? Really, folks, To me it feels like Davies is saying, “If I can’t have you, no one will.”

Here’s the official story:,,2001320029-2007250185,00.html