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Starting on the first day of 2008, CourtTV changed its name to TruTV with the tagline: “Not Reality. Actuality.”

What the F?

If they wanted to avoid the stigma that reality television has created in its recent reign the last thing they should have done is make up a word. Remember a couple decades ago when some radio stations tried out a format called “infotainment”? I think that word was responsible for more people tuning out than any actual programming.

The main thing that puzzles me, a frequent CourtTV viewer, is that the programming has remained much the same as it was before, save the annoying frequency of those “Actuality” commercials every break.

The real story is that Time-Warner and Turner Broadcasting acquired the network last year and have been uncomfortable with its ‘legal format.’ The real ‘excitement’ will begin when the new shows debut. Now in development are the unscripted “Neighbors 911,” “Black Gold,” “Outlaw Chasers” and, wait for it, “Ski Patrol.” It bears repeating at this point that they wanted to stress that this isn’t reality TV. As Bill Cosby used to say, Riiight.

Luckily, the TruTV network will continue the six-hour block of court coverage on weekdays that was the trademark and meat of CourtTV. I think that’ll be all the TruTV I’ll be watching.