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The Rookie (2002)


A Film Review of “The Rookie” (2002)

Copyright 2002 Glenn Walker

What was the last G-rated movie that wasn’t Disney or animated? I’m thinking we have to go back to 1976 or 1977 with Grizzly Adams or Wilderness Family. Well, here we go again, but surprise, this was good – remarkably good. I’m no baseball fan and certainly no Dennis Quaid fan. I wouldn’t want him to fall into a wood chipper like say Robin Williams or Billy Crystal but neither am I his cheerleader. He does admirably as Jim Morris, an excellent performance surrounded by excellent performances.

The old folks in the town, the kids on Quaid’s baseball team and especially his wife, father and son are all played by wonderful supporting folk. The stand out however is Trevor Morgan who plays the young Jim Morris and was previously seen in The Sixth Sense and had a recurring role on “ER.” This kid is going places.

This one is of course another based on a true story but untainted by the hand of Ron Howard so I think it’s probably pretty accurate. It blends the triumph of Rocky with the magic of The Natural and a twist of Field of Dreams thrown in for good measure. It runs a bit long but you really don’t feel it because it has a good flow. I’d see this one again, in all its good natured inoffensive G-rated glory.

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The Glass House


A Video Review of The Glass House

Copyright 2003 Glenn Walker

Remember all those ABC movies of the week from the early to mid-1970s? You know, stuff like Trilogy of Terror and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark? Or how about all those cautionary tales with teens babysitting for psychos, nannies who steal families and young girls who hitchhike with serial rapists? Wow, the 1970s were great, weren’t they? Sarcasm mode off.

The Glass House is a throwback to those movies of the week, but that’s not a bad thing. It is the story of two children orphaned in a sudden car accident and taken in by old family friends. *Spoiler Warning* As it turns out the whole thing was a scam to get money. The new foster parents are as evil as any that might be found in an ABC movie of the week.

LeeLee Sobrieski is amazing here as she is in most flicks. The only problem I have with her is one that can’t really be helped. She is such a dead ringer for Helen Hunt that it’s distracting. I wonder if they’re related? The brother is played by Trevor Morgan who did such a great job in The Rookie and The Sixth Sense.

The suspense is real and despite plot comparisons much more real than your average Lifetime Network flick or Afterschool Special. See it. An underrated thriller for all.