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The Hungry Heart Stories Blog Tour

Welcome to The Hungry Heart Stories Blog Tour. For the next eleven days, various blogs across the internet will be talking about THE HUNGRY HEART STORIES and talking with author Fran Metzman, and it all starts right here.

THE HUNGRY HEART STORIES is a short story collection that deals with the universal search to fill a void. Fran Metzman, co-author of UGLY COOKIES, serves up a plate of quirky and disparate characters in these captivating stories. A grieving husband in the darkly funny Right Seasoning conjures up his deceased wife’s presence in the beloved kitchen they once shared. From My Inheritance that tells of a grown daughter, trying to find the love and peace she has always craved with her dying mother to Getting Closer, the story of a woman left with the violent legacy of food that defined her life – we find the characters reaching the low points and triumphs of human emotions. Particularly poignant is the story, The Reunion, about a woman born into poverty who reaches the pinnacle of success but with questionable sacrifice.

Each of the twelve stories and one essay incorporates food as a means to some end or fulfillment. In Metzman’s sure hand we get these fully realized worlds, leavened with passion and sprinkled with humor. THE HUNGRY HEART STORIES is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from the publisher Wilderness House Press.

I’ve known Fran for a long time, more than a decade actually. We met at her writing workshops at Borders Books in Marlton with the writers group that soon became known as Rainy Tuesdays, and still meet on a weekly basis for critiques and writing discussion. She knows her stuff, especially writing, and has taught me so much, and folks who know me know I can’t be taught easily. Today I consider Fran a mentor, a fellow writer, and most of all a friend. Simply put, she rocks.

And THE HUNGRY HEART STORIES is a book that rocks too. And I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t believe it, not even for a friend. Over the next eleven days you will get to know Fran better and learn more about this short story collection, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

I also want to say a few words about the wonderful lady writers who are helping me with this project. From Robin whom I’ve known since high school and is also a fantastic musician, to Shelley who writes great young adult fantasy, to Becca who I know from The Writer’s Chatroom and my online group Writer Circle, to all the terrific women in the South Jersey Writers – they are all fabulous writers, and you should not just check out their blogs on the days of the blog tour, but every day as well. Always great content from great writers. Don’t forget to comment on everyone’s blogs and make new friends!

Here are the stops for THE HUNGRY HEART STORIES Blog Tour:

Tuesday, February 14th
“Writing – Art – Metaphysics” by Shelley Szajner

Wednesday, February 15th
“BeccaButcher’s Blog” by Becca Butcher

Thursday, February 16th
“Gilbert Curiosities” by Marie Gilbert

Friday, February 17th
“The Author-in-Training” by Mieke Zamora-Mackay

Saturday, February 18th
“A Reference of Writing Rants for Writers or “Learn from My Mistakes”” by Jennifer M. Eaton

Sunday, February 19th
The Tour makes a return trip to Marie’s blog

Monday, February 20th
And then the Tour makes a return stop at Becca’s blog

Tuesday, February 21st
“The Dream Between” by Robin Renee

Wednesday, February 22nd
“Literary Debauchery” by Krista Magrowski

Thursday, February 23rd
Finally we return here to Welcome to Hell for the close of the Tour.

Everybody ready to roll? Let’s do this! See you tomorrow at Shelley’s blog!

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The Age of Reasonable Doubt

Fran Metzman is a terrific writer, a friend and a mentor, and she writes one of my favorite blogs, The Age of Reasonable Doubt about women’s issues, including sexuality, age and relationships, at Wild River Review.

She just released this announcement regarding her blog: After writing The Age of Reasonable Doubt for the past five years, I am pleased to say the blog has received some very positive feedback and support. Now, in my fifth year with Wild River Review, I am moving forward with the blog in new ways. I have added graphics and photos and I have been keeping the blog current on my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter.

I am now accepting topic suggestions and your questions on relationships or issues to make the blog more interactive. If there is a subject or idea you would like explored, just post it as a comment directly on the blog, which can be found be on the bottom right-hand side of each column. I would love to hear from each and every one of you. Please pass this along to your friends!

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