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Going Overboard

Going Overboard ~ I used to use Adam Sandler as a litmus test for how bad a movie was. I really hated his early work that much. This flick is his earliest, his first, and the one that Adam Sandler wants you to forget. I really don’t blame him.

Sandler is a gawky cruise ship waiter with a bad jewfro who wants to be the ship’s comedian after the real one drops dead. His routine is that of a bad Catskills comic from the sixties, and he acts like a whiny and unfunny Jerry Lewis clone when off stage.

Billy Zane, Milton Berle, Terry Moore and in an early cameo, Billy Bob Thornton all embarrass themselves in this mess that was filmed entirely on a cruise ship, with the wrong lenses. Thankfully for them, and unluckily for me, Sandler and Burt Young are on the screen the most. The ‘heavy metal’ band, I think called Croaker, that sings “I’m gonna slap your cat, upside his head” is probably the only real laugh in the whole movie.

Wow, this sucked. Now I remember why I hated Adam Sandler so much years ago.

Progressive/Offensive Revisited

Recently I reviewed two movies, Disfigured and Blubberella, citing one as very very good and the other as one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. You can just guess which is which. Or you can read those reviews here.

When I was promoting the blog entry on my social networks, the star of Blubberella, actress Lindsay Hollister, called me out on Twitter, first for not mentioning that she was in both movies, and then just generally making me feel bad about my scathing review of that film.

Blubberella is still bad, and still a contender for worst movie ever, but perhaps I had been too harsh on Ms. Hollister. The truth is I am familiar with her work and have seen her turn in wonderful performances dozens of times on television. Maybe that was one of the things that made her appearance in Blubberella so upsetting.

As bad as she was in the film, and as bad as the flick was – Lindsay Hollister is still a terrific actress. Just in other stuff. You’re off my hate list, Lindsay, just don’t tell me there’s a Blubberella 2 in the works, deal?


Disfigured ~ This quirky independent film takes a look at perspective when an anorexic woman who sees herself as fat tries to join a fat acceptance group. A friendship develops between her and one of the group’s founders that makes everyone learn a bit about themselves in the end. Disfigured is an important film about body image written and directed by Glenn Gers, and it’s highly recommended. I really liked this film.

Blubberella ~ On the opposite end of the spectrum is this mess. Just when I thought Uwe Boll could not sink lower, could not possibly make worse movies than he already made, comes … this. Lindsey Hollister, who should know better, plays a World War II superhero in the shade of Blade who kills Nazis because they are depleting her supply of men on JDate.

This is just horrible, and despite being labeled a comedy, there are no laughs. It is offensive, and offensive to everyone, from overweight people obviously to every possible minority, including Holocaust victims. There’s even blackface in it. Hollister and Ron Howard’s brother’s Clint have made the bottom of my hate list for being in this piece of crap. At least Uwe Boll plays Hitler here, a role so suited to his filmmaking abilities.

As good as Disfigured is, Blubberella is bad. This is a major contender for worst film ever made.